Vista is a non-political, not-for-profit enterprise set up to improve the economic, social and cultural well being of recently urbanised, disadvantaged, Tibetans in Sershul County.

Commercial activities fund the outreach programmes, providing a sustainable income stream that removes reliance on external sources of funding.

It has been established by the Vajra Body. The Vista program follows from extensive consultation between the Sershul community, government and local businesses.

Vista's programmes are constructed to respond to local need and demand, subject to the availability of funding and the capacity to implement them. Vista is fortunate in having access to the monks of Ju Mohor Monastery who have the education and skills to provide assistance to Vista as requested and when appropriate. In addition, the Rigdzin Foundation provides help through international fundraising and providing operational expertise where required.

The Vista Building

Vista Building

In 2006, a commercial building in Sershul was found to house the Vista programmes.

Located on the main street of Sershul, this building has the following features:

  • Ground floor with rental shop spaces
  • Second floor hotel accommodation for local people
  • Third floor hotel accommodation for tourists from China and overseas
  • A restaurant

Thanks to the generosity of international supporters, Vista was able to secure ownership in 2008.

Redevelopment is necessary to enable more income-generating activities, so that in the long term, Vista will be fully self sustaining.

The Vajra Body

Suchi Urtse
Mr Suchi Urtsi - Treasurer

Retired public servant

Dr Tsetop
Dr Tsetop - Secretary

Head of the Tibetan Medical Hospital

Sonam Yeshe
Sonam Yeshe - Onsite manager

Local business person